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Biko-Brace: A walking aid for dogs with ataxia or Degenerative Myelopathy

The Biko-Brace is a device designed to modify, improve and strengthen the gait of dogs with proprioceptive problems and ataxia due to neurological diseases.

The Biko-Brace is very simple to use and can be adjusted to fit most dogs, the device works when hooked into a standard chest harness for optimum comfort.  

It promotes the correct functioning of the affected limb, reducing paw dragging and, thanks to the elastic straps, helping to propel the hindlimb forward when walking. 

The Biko Brace is NOT a support device, it is a walking aid for dogs with impaired motor control and coordination. It is most effective when the dog is also treated with physical therapy and hydrotherapy sessions.

To complete the order select the measures A and B. 

Biko brace para perros

How to obtain the A and B measurements: Place the dog chest harness (in the correct size) - this harness is NOT included with the Biko Brace. With the dog standing, measure the following distances: 

A. From the harness's ring to the front side of the metatarsus (see image)

B. Circumference of the metatarsus 

How to place the Biko-Brace

The Biko-Brace should be used with a dog chest harness in the correct size (NOT included). 

The straps with chafe protectors are placed on the hind legs and the elastic straps are adjusted to the right size: normally, the correct measurement is the distance between the paw and the fastening area of the harness on top of the dog's back, making sure that the rubber band is only SLIGHTLY TENSE when at rest. 

In special cases we can create a little more tension.

If you any doubts you can adjust the rubber bands to be slightly tensed and progressively increase the amount of tension until you see the dog's walking pattern improve.

During the first few days the device can only be used for 10 minutes. After 15 days have passed we can increase the time to 30 minutes.

When the dog has fully adjusted, after one month (the amount of time is discretionary based on the patient's activity level), we can leave it on all day and observe the response: if it is positive then we can leave it as is. On the contrary, let the dog rest for a few hours during the day. 

This system is based on elastic straps which run from a chest harness to the back paws. As the hind paw reaches the end of the stride and the weight is transferred to the opposite paw, the strap helps to bring the trailing paw straight forward ready for the next stride. 

The brace assists the dog with forward movements, while improving gait and protecting and preventing knuckling. The brace helps to train the dog to use the correct movements when walking and it improves coordination and muscle strength.

If you need further information contact us at [email protected] or call us from Mondays to Fridays, from 9:00 to 18:30 h.

Biko brace

$129.02  Save $14.30

The Biko-Brace has been specially designed to help dogs walk with ataxia, Degenerative Myelopathy, degenerative disc disease or post-operative patients.  

The brace corrects the position of the hind limbs. 

Scroll down in the description to see how to select the size and visit our FAQ section for any other questions about its uses, instructions, shipping, payment methods, returns or exchanges.

Measure A
Measure B

Direct shipment from warehouse

Direct shipment from warehouse

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