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  • buy Pack arnés de soporte X5 - Productos adicionales
  • buy Pack arnés de soporte X5 - Productos adicionales
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Special pack veterinariansconsisting of five support harnessesand

It is a harness that givessupport for front or rear limbsof the dog affected by hip dysplasia, atrosis or other dysfunctions of the locomotor system.It is comfortable, clean and light.

Solution for dogs with:

  • hip dysplasia
  • osteoarthritisHip
  • hip instability
  • motor incoordination
  • ataxia
  • muscle or joint weakness



Use as a complement to the collar and use the rear harness as an aid.
For very small dogs, do not use the padded foam (it can be easily removed with scissors).
For large dogs remove the taut buckle in order to increase the diameter.

arnés de soporte para artrosis o displasia de cadera en perros

1.-Protection of the handle for a more comfortable grip.

2.-Adjustable strap at your height.

3.-Tensioning buckle to adjust the harness to the diameter of the dog's limbs.

4.-Supports protected with foam and lycra so as not to irritate the dog's skin.


Putting on the rear harness

The first time you put the harness on it may seem a bit more complicated, but it is actually very easy.

You must first put the two back legs of the dog in the holes protected with the foam and lycra and then raise it by passing it over the tail.

Use the ribbon with the click closure in case you want to flatten it or tie it to the necklace.

If the dog is very small, you can remove the foam covers by cutting them with scissors.

Finally, adapt the two tails to the diameter of the dog's hind limbs with the tensioners.

Once adapted to the dog and your height you will see that it is much easier.

Normally when dogs understand that with the harness they walk much better and withoutThey are the ones who ask for it and help you to put it on.

The pack includes 3 red and 2 black harnesses.

We continually improve our products, images may not exactly match the product.


Distributor fee

Price of the pack without VAT: 85,20 €

Pack arnés de soporte x5

The ideal aid for dogs withhip arthrosis,hip dysplasiaorneurological problemsof the rear third.It gives security, stability and support to dogs with mobility problems.It can be used on hind or anterior limbs.

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