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  • buy Pack Férulas de bota canina - Productos adicionales
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Orthopedic splint pack for dogs (boot).

Injuries to the limbs of small animals often require bandages or splints. This new splint is modeled after human splints, which are common in leg, tarsal and foot injuries.

This boot-shaped splint will support the lower part of the rear limb.

The appliance extends under the foot to stabilize toe injuries and provides support for correct limb positioning. It is very useful when we have problemsshinor somenerve injury.

How to determine the size you need?

SizeDog Weight (kg)splint height (cm)splint width (cm)
XS4 to 11eleven4.5
S11 to 18125
M18 to 30146
L30 to 39166.5
XL39 to 55twenty-one7.5





* in certain breeds bull dogs or dogs with short legs it is better to measure with a tape measure

Distributor fee

Price of the pack excl.VAT: € 275.10

Pack férulas de bota canina

Canine boot splints pack. Available in 5 sizes, includes 1 model of each.

It is especially indicated for problems ofknucling, as well as other neurological processes andproprioceptive deficitsof distal hind limbs.


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