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Dog Elbow Protector 

Many dogs suffer from injuries or wear and tear on the elbow cartilage. They are often related to the dog's inability to complete exercises, train, or compete. 

When the dog starts having problems with the elbow joints, the most immediate symptoms are limping or stiffness. When the dog's leg starts to show any of these symptoms, using an elbow protector is the ideal solution together with stopping any exercise or training in order to counteract the pressure caused by the inflamed joint. 

Furthermore, the protection contributes to an increase of temperature in the region, providing the muscle with greater oxygenation thus improving blood circulation. 

For many dogs an elbow protector can be decisive in adapating to the problem affecting the joint. This reduces pain and inflammation and gives the muscle a chance to rest properly. 

The elbow protector for dogs can be used before and after surgery in addition to as treatment for chronic cases of arthritis; for example, osteoarthritis, osteochondritis dissecans, ligament injuries and elbow dysplasia, among others. 

How to Use: 

The protector for dogs is adjusted above and below the joint with the help of two Velcro straps that pass through a buckle to lock it into the correct position. Some sizes require knowing which limb is affecte (right or left). Please indicate this in the comments section of the order. 

Choosing Size: 

 XS    Elbow circumference 12 cm (7")   Cocker Spaniel, Whippet
 S  Elbow circumference 14 cm (5.5")  Collie, Springer Spaniel
 M  Elbow circumference 18 cm (7")  Labrador, Dalmation
 L  Elbow circumference 23 cm (9")  Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever 

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Price of Pack without VAT: €67.00

Elbow protector pack - 4 units


Elbow Protector Pack, comes with 4 units. Available in 4 sizes, includes one model of each. 

Intendend for injuries to the elbow cartilage or for normal wear and tear on the joints that affects many dogs. Symptoms include limping and stiffness of the leg. The elbow protector improves performance, counteracting pain and inflammation. 


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