Dog Multifuncional Harness 3 in 1 IDC Julius-K9


This full support harness has a very new and innovative design especially developed to lift and help dogs overcome obstacles. A strong handle on the back allows easy control or holding of the dog. Thanks to the removable floating pads, it can be used also as  a swimming vest or a protective jacket.

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Multifuncional Dog Harness 3 in 1

Easy to use and extremely flexible thanks to its multifuncional design. Extremely adaptable and comfortable to wear for the dog, resistant and durable. Thanks to a strong handle on the back of the harness, the owner can lift and help the dog overcome any obstacle, distributing the weight of the dog proportionally thanks to the special pads. This multifuncional harness can also be used as a swimming vest thanks to its floating foam pads that can be easily removed so as to have a high quality jacket in neoprene to protect and keep the dog warm

Very useful for:

  • Old dogs
  • Dogs with mobility problems
  • Back problems
  • Hydrotherapy



44 - 64 cm

(17.3 - 25.2 inches)


55- 72 cm

(21.7 - 28.3 inches)


65- 82 cm

(25.6 - 32.3 inches)


75- 92 cm

(29.5 - 36.2 inches)

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Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (Guadarrama, Spain)
excelente artículo para perros con problemas
 -   (Mouilleron-le-Captif, France)
Me déplaçant moi-même avec des béquilles, cet accessoire est très utile à ma petite chienne (cavalier King Charles) que je peux désormais sortir aisément les jours où elle ne peut pas se mouvoir seule - Très bon produit que je recommande.
 -   (Reykjavík, Iceland)
Frábær vara góð þjónusta
 -   (Muchamiel, Spain)
superbien poducto ! se ajuste superbien y parece como no se rompe toda su vida. bien producto para evitar el frio y para dar un poco de soporte y proteccion. definitivemente no se sirve como uno ortesis pero no es lo que dicen en el descripcion. tienda, buena gente que hablan varios idiomases y con servicio rapido. muy contento.
 -   (Cornaredo, Italy)
Buongiorno,è andata bene. Ho ricevuto il nuovo collare va molto bene. Grazie!!