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Elbow brace for dogs

Elbow brace for dogs

Protection from damage or wear and tear to the elbow cartilage.

Often related to the dog's inability to complete exercise, training or competition.

When the dog starts to have problems with the elbow joints, the most immediate symptoms are lameness or stiffness. When the dog's leg begins to show these symptoms, the use of an elbow protector is the ideal aid. It is advisable to combine it with exercise or training to counteract the pressure caused by inflammation of the joint.

The elbow brace helps to increase the temperature by providing the muscle with increased oxygenation and improved blood circulation.

For many dogs the elbow protector can be instrumental in adapting to the joint problem. It reduces pain, inflammation and gives the muscles a chance to rest properly.  

The elbow brace for dogs can be used before and after surgery and in cases of chronic arthritis, e.g. osteoarthritis, OCD(1), ligament injuries and elbow dysplasia(2), among others. Also, because it has internal padding, it can be used for skin/subcutaneous lesions of the elbow, such as hygromas or persistent and/or ulcerated supportive calluses.

Instructions for use

This dog elbow brace is to be adjusted below and above the joint with the help of two Velcro straps that go into buckles for a better fastening.

Follow these instructions to select the size:

1. Take a sewing tape, or a tape measure and string.

2. Measure the contour of elbow (please follow the indications in the image)

3. Look at the here below chart to find the size corresponding to the measurement you have taken.

Size Elbow Circunference (2) Race

7,5 - 11,5 cm

2.9 - 4.3 inches

Cocker Spaniel, Whippet

11,6- 16 cm

4.3 - 6.3 inches

Collie, Springer Spaniel

16,1 - 20,5 cm

6.3 - 8 inches

Labrador, Dalmatian

20,6 - 25 cm

8 - 9.8 inches

 German Shepherd, Golden Retriever

25,1 - 32 cm

9.8 - 12.6 inches


Costumised elbow brace

Costumised elbow brace:

It is important that the size is correct since the elbow brace is developed to protect the joint and not to limit the movement.

To realize the customised eblow brace we will need the following measures:

Measure 1: with the dog standing, measure from the top of one armpit to the opposite point on the other side, passing over the back of the dog;

Measure 2: measure the circumference of the affected elbow wich the brace is for.

Measure 3: measure the circumference of the legs (left and right) a few centimeters below the point of the elbow.

Measure 4: measure from the point of the elobow to the ground.

If you want a costumised elbow brace indicate the above measures (1,2,3,4) in the "comment" section when processing the order, at the moment of the payment.

Note: the costumised elbow braces need 10 days to be realized.

If the dog has both elbows affected you could be interested in the elbow orthosis.


Elbow Protector

Specific References


Elbow protector


The dog elbow brace is suitable to be used before and after surgery and in cases of rheumatoid arthritis; such as osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, arthritis and ED, amongst others.

Scroll down in the description to see how to select the size and visit our FAQ section for any other questions about its uses, instructions, shipping, payment methods, returns or exchanges.

Elbow circumference

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