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Forelimb support

Main uses

  • Post closed and open reduction of shoulder luxations
  • Conservative management for minimally displaced scapular fractures
  • Post-operative management of complicated and/or tenuous scapular fracture repairs
  • Post-operative management of severe MSI or shoulder reconstruction
  • To encourage weight-bearing in contralateral limb during rehabilitation therapy
  • To prevent weight-bearing in forelimb

The vest offers a superior alternative to traditional bandaging. It eliminates the trauma to the skin caused by the bandage method. Rehabilitation therapy can be performed with ease throughout recovery. Comfort and recovery are significantly improved as compared to the bandage method. It is easy to apply. Its closure is along the animal's back and can be adjusted allowing an intimate comfortable fit. It maintains the shoulder in a neutral position with the elbow flexed.

This support is constructed of a lightweight material that is hook compatible. This material is highly breathable and has wicking properties. It closes with hook and loop fastening along the back of the animal. The material does not pull at the fur and is impregnated with a natural fiber that reduces odour and inhibits bacterial and fungal growth within the product. The product is machine washable.

Size: when you do the order, please, send the measurements (please, print clearly the units: centimeters or inches):

Measure 1: Measure the circunference of the neck at the base aof the neck (where the collar would rest)

Measurement 2: Measure around the injured leg at the top of the leg.

Measurement 3: Measure the circunference of the waist (just behind the last rib where it attaches to the spine)

Measurement 4: Measure from the base of the neck to the last rib (along the spine)

Measurement 5: Measure of the circumference of the body with the injured leg in place (as it would be positioned in the sling).

Please, indicate if the injured limb is left or right

Forelimb support

This vest has been specially designed to give support to the dog's forelimb.


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