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Veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Written by Gemma del Pueyo, a leading specialist in Spain, this book will allow you to perfect your knowledge in physiotherapy and veterinary rehabilitation and discover the possibilities offered by this discipline in the treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous pathologies in companion animals.

All the contents are described in a simple and concrete way, so that you can consult them with the minimum investment of time possible.

Data sheet

Author:Gemma del Pueyo Montesinos.
Format:17 x 24 cm.
Number of pages:184.
Number of images:150.
Binding:Hard cover.
PVP:45 e.


1. Introduction
What patients can I treat?
Objectives and method of work
Therapeutic techniques and modalities
2. Physiology of inflammation
Phases of inflammation
Tissue repair
3. Functional evaluation of the patient
Clinic history
Basic general exam
Orthopedic and neurological examination
Dynamic study / gait assessment
Assessment of degree of disability
General palpation
Joint arch evaluation
Specific muscle palpation
Design of a rehabilitation plan
4. Exercise physiology
What is physical form?
Muscle needs energy!
Healthy animal training
5. Kinesitherapy and stretching
Kinesitherapy (kinesitherapy)
6. Application of cold and superficial heat in rehabilitation
Surface cold application
7. Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic effects of massage
The response of tissues
Types of massage
8. Electrical stimulation
Basic principles of electricity
Types of electric current
Physiological responses
Pulsating currents. Wave parameters
Types of electrodes
Physiological effects
Transcutaneous nerve electrostimulation
Interferential electrostimulation
9. Ultrasound
Ultrasonic apparatus
Physiological effects
Clinical application
10. Hydrotherapy
Properties of water
Types of hydrotherapy
11. How do I rehabilitate?
Orthopedic rehabilitation
Neurological rehabilitation
Fracture rehabilitation
Rehabilitation of the anterior cruciate ligament tear (RLCA)
Hip dysplasia rehabilitation
Neurological rehabilitation
12. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy of the patient with osteoarthritis (OA)
Rehabilitation plan for patients with osteoarthritis
Physical therapies used in the patient with OA
Rehabilitation plan model for OA

Fisioterapia y rehabilitación veterinaria

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Spanish book ofphysiotherapy and rehabilitation for dogs.

The Book defines the most common techniques in physiotherapy and rehabilitation used in dogs.

It is intended to be useful to owners, breeders, veterinarians or physiotherapists.

Hard cover.


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