Hinged Knee Brace for Dogs


This customizable knee brace helps dogs with limping and joint pain for an improved quality of life. It compensates loss of joint functionality, immobilizes the lateral displacement of the knee and reduces pain in dogs with arthritis or osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injuries, meniscus injuries, kneecap problems and tendinitis.

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Hinged Knee Brace for DogsKnee brace for dogs

A dog's knee is a complex joint that often requires a long recovery period with the risk of further problems appearing. When the knee suffers any sort of damage, the muscles are quickly weakened and the joints destabilize, which can lead to a damaged meniscus and arthritis in the joint cartilage. 

This hinged knee brace compensates for the loss of joint function and immobilizes lateral displacement thanks to the two metal hinges included and reduces pain in a dog with arthritis or arthrosis, cruciate ligament injuries, meniscus injuries or problems in the kneecap or tendinitis.   

The knee brace reduces pain and inflammation, improving the balance between the involved muscle groups. Increased flexibility in tense muscles allows the dog to recover the natural movement of the limb. The slight pressure that this surface orthotic exerts alleviates the burden on the joints, increasing their stability and preventing the damage from turning into a more serious condition.  

In the event of damaged cruciate ligaments, the dog can use the knee brace before the surgical intervention (along with the prescribed treatment) in order to prevent the loss of muscle mass. The brace can be used again 5 days after the operation, once the inflammation has reduced. During the first 5 days applying cold is recommended. 

Instructions for use

The knee brace has to be correctly pulled up on the dog’s leg until it covers the knee area. Place the fastening strap of the brace under the abdomen and over the back and fasten the Velcro. Be careful not to injure the dog when placing it, exerting force on the brace while still respecting the natural position of the knee. 

Remember to indicate in the "order comments" section (at the end of the purchasing process) of your order the following measurements:

1 - Upper circumference of the dog's leg.

2 - Circumference of the kneecap or middle area.

3 - Bottom circumference of the dog's leg.

4 - Length of the upper strap. Measure from one side of measurement 1, over the loin, to the opposite side of the same measurement 1.

5 -Distance between measurements 1 and 2.

6- Distance between measurements 2 and 3.

Please take into consideration, that if measure n. 5 is less than 5 cm, and measure n. 6 is less than 8 cm, the knee brace will have a padded with a reinforcement especially designed for this cases instead of the metal hinge. 

This custom made product takes 10 days to be realized once the measures have been received. 

In the unlikely case of swelling and redness, contact a veterinarian or physical therapist.

It is important to use the hinged knee brace in a gradual way in order for the dog to adapt and taking it off while the dog is resting.

In most cases, a thin sock / cotton pad can be applied between the protector and the skin to eliminate possible problems.

This is a custom made product and can't be returned or exchanged. The product can be different from the image on the web page.

Customizable Knee Brace for Dogs


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Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (Stutterheim, South Africa)
This is the second brace we have bought from Ortocanis. Generally we are happy. The strap across the back is thicker and more sturdy. The one flaw we have discovered is that the strap which secures the brace below the knee, and therefore is key to the whole function, slips down and does not stay in place. We have had to make a modification to keep it in place.
 -   (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Did not fit even though we measured her very carefully. Well made, but useless as she cannot walk in it
 -   (Nettetal, Germany)
Das Produkt selber ist sehr gut, passt und hat anständige Qualität. Kundenservice sehr freundlich und verlässlich. Leider kam es zu einer Verzögerung, bis es endlich auf dem Weg hier her war.
 -   (PUERTO MONTT, Chile)
El producto llegó a Chile muy bien y en la fecha acordada, muy confiable y muy buena calidad.
 -   (Rheine, Germany)
Gute Qualität, dem Hund passt sehr gut. Nur die Eingewöhnung klappt es noch nicht so gut.