• Boheler plate for vet rehab
  • Boheler plate for vet rehab
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Wobble board (resin)

Its upper side is covered with 25 kg thick foam and with synthetic leather that offers better comfort and security while doing exercise.

Suitable for all breeds and also for front and back legs.

Main uses

-Post-surgical rehabilitation

-Slipped disks


-Spine problems

-Cauda equina syndrome

-Muscular weakness

-Other neurological deficits or muscular atrophies

Wobble boards are one of the most used devices for dog proprioceptive rehabilitation in order to strengthen balance.

A must-have for your canine rehabilitation centre.

Wobble board (resin)


40 cm wide circular board to work instability and train dog's proprioception.

One single piece made of synthetic resins, provided with a sturdy and resistant structure.



European leaders


Own designs


Made in Barcelona

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