• buy Infrared massager - Rehabilitation
  • buy Infrared massager - Rehabilitation
  • buy Infrared massager - Rehabilitation
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Infrared massager

The mechanical treatment of external body tissues relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and helps tissue regeneration. The massage is stimulating, relaxing and helps eliminating sore muscles and nerves. It also has a beneficial effect on the vascular system, internal organs and metabolism.

It combines the benefits of infrared heat with a relaxing and vibrating massage. Infrared rays penetrate the skin to a depth of about 3 cm.

The infrared are radiated through the massage head. This particular method of heat application accelerates the massage positive effect. Its temperature increases slightly but it is never too high.

The massager with infrared desensitizes the nerve endings causing pain and relaxes muscles quickly releasing sprains, muscle fatigue and other disorders.

It has a switch to turn the infrared, a ergonomic head to fit the animal body and a power of 15 W.

It is made in Germany and has a 3-year warranty.

Infrared massager


Massage device with infrared. It accelerates the blood circulation of subcutaneous tissues, muscles, ligaments and joints.


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