• Special soil for rehabilitation
  • Special soil for rehabilitation
  • Special soil for rehabilitation
  • Special soil for rehabilitation
  • Special soil for rehabilitation
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Tatami puzzle mats

They can be used for either manual therapy or just as a resting area. They are also very useful in proprioceptive rehabilitation thanks to their nonslip surface.

Their soft and nonabrasive surface does not harm the extremities of those animals dragging themselves around because they suffer from neurological deficits. A good way to protect their paws during rehabilitation.

Price per square meter.


Material: High-density EVA foam
Size: Tiles of 1X1 m.
Thickness: Available in 2 cm and 4 cm.
Colours: Reversible and bicoloured depending on availability.
Anchorage: Puzzle-type. Without adhesive.
Weight: 2 cm thick = 3 kg. 4 cm thick = 4.8 kg.
Density: 150 Kg/m3
Dangers: It does not contain toxic nor dangerous products.
Storage and packing: Avoid heat and keep away from flames. Do not heat above 80 ºC. All types of packing allowed.
Conductivity: Do not conduct electricity.
Toxicology and ecology: There is no risk for humans, animals or environment. It is recyclable.
Cleaning: Use a wet cloth. Do not use ammonia based cleaning products or corrosive products like acid.
Guarantee: 2-year guarantee due to a manufacturing flaw.

The information mentioned above contains approximated values that may vary according to production process and tolerance.

Tatami puzzle mats


These interlocking mats are made of high-density foam and are ideal for dog rehabilitation. 

The best product to have a warm, comfortable and clean floor.

Not sold out of Spain.



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Made in Barcelona

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