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Custom-made dog wheelchair

The custom-made wheelchair for disabled dogs is handmade. Thanks to its steel structure and its resistant wheels (spare parts available in any surgical aids shop) our wheelchair is strong and long lasting. Its height and length can also be adjusted for a better fitting.

It is provided with an ergonomic harness - which can be easily removed and washed - to prevent feelings of discomfort and chafings.      

It enables the dog to relieve himself without having to leave the chair.

It allows the dog to freely move his back legs, thus avoiding muscular atrophies that might be caused by a lengthy paralysis. 

The disabled dog is able to walk autonomously again and has a much better quality of life. 


Our wheelchairs are suitable for dogs with

-Loss of mobility of the back legs due to dysplasia, canine osteoarthritis, disk herniation or paralysis.

*Ask for the possibility to get a custom-made wheelchair for a quadriplegic dog.

-Temporary immobilization of the back legs after surgery or fractures.



1- Length (from shoulder to base of tail)

2- Height (from floor up to the highest part of dog's back)

3- Leg width (from side to side)

4- Width (imaginary line of width of shoulders straight across)

5- From groin to floor (important just in small breeds or very short dogs)

6- Inside leg measurement (from heel of front paw to toes of back paw)


Apart from these measurements it is also important to indicate in the comments if the dog is male or female because the harness is different. 
Silla de ruedas a medida para perro 
It is very important to get the right size according to your pet's weight:
S     small dogs up to 5 Kg
M    medium dogs between 5-20 kg
L     big dogs between 20-50 kg
XL   giant dogs of over 50 kg
You can also check other available models on dog wheelchairs (deliveries within 24 hours).

*Spanish Peninsula

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Custom-made dog wheelchair

€164.46  Save 15%

Dog wheelchair

Custom-made sizes that fit all dogs available on request. 

Deliveries within 10 days. For deliveries within 24 hours* check this dog wheelchair. PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE, please look at our new adjustable dog wheelchair

Dog's approximate Weight


European leaders


Own designs


Made in Barcelona


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