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  • Dog wheelchair (Italian design)
  • Dog wheelchair (Italian design)
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Dog wheelchair

The Italian dog wheelchair is made of modern, resistant and long-lasting materials. It is very easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

 It has a robust frame, made of a light material and a flexible part (polycarbonate). It has been designed to support the back legs of those dogs that are paralytic or have mobility problems. With this helpful chair dogs finds it easy to walk again using their front legs without having to drag themselves around.  

There are 5 different sizes available that fit all dogs. Each size enables a fine adjustment and a perfect adaptation to the dog's body shape and its weight changes.


Its structure is made of polycarbonate, the resistant harness and seat are made of nylon and it has synthetic fabrics. It is adjusted with galvanised steel screws. It is delivered assembled according to previously notified measurements. Nonetheless, it is possible to improve its calibration in order to better adapt to your dog's morphology. The holes on the struts enable horizontal and vertical adaptations and also the right fitting of the straps.


It is a versatile chair that is comfortable and easy to clean. It has an outstanding design.

(To get the right size, check the attached file)  

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Dog wheelchair (italian design)


Italian wheelchair

The Italian dog wheelchair is made of methacrylate. It is very ergonomic, light, resistant and easy to clean.

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