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  • JULIUS rehab harness (shoulder)
  • JULIUS rehab harness (shoulder)
  • JULIUS rehab harness (shoulder)
  • JULIUS rehab harness (shoulder)
  • JULIUS rehab harness (shoulder)
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JULIUS Front Rehab Harness (shoulders)

JULIUS rehab harness (shoulder)

The material of this harness is strong without being rigid or uncomfortable and perfectly adapts to the dog's anatomy. The wide handles make your job of helping your dog easy. It is manufactured by Julius K-9.

The solution for dogs with:

- Elbow or shoulder dysplasia
- Elbow arthritis
- Elbow instability
- Motor incoordination
- Ataxia
- Joint or muscle weakness

Select the right size (measure the chest from behind the front legs):

Size Chest girth
S 41 - 53 cm
M 49 - 62 cm
L 61 - 75 cm
XL 75 - 87 cm
XXL 77 - 91 cm

If in doubt between two sizes, select the smaller one.

The quality control of this harness has been carried out by

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hip dysplasia - osteoarthritis - arthritis - canine dysplasia - weakness

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Julius rehab harness (shoulders)

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This front support harness is suitable for dogs with reduced mobility in the front limbs who are temporarily or permanently disabled.

No longer produced.

See the new Integral harness



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