• Orthopedic Dog Bed
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  • Orthopedic mattress for dogs
  • Orthopedic mattress for dogs
  • orthopedic mattress dog
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  • orthopedic mattress dog
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Orthopedic bed for dogs

Ortocanis, along with the largest manufacturer of dog beds in Europe, has developed the best orthopedic mattress for dogs with arthritis or joint dysfunction.

His special padding allows a perfect adaptation to the dog's body, applying pressure over a larger area so that the extremities such as elbows, knees and hips do not suffer pressure points. It is ideal for dogs that, for their age or disability, must be lying for long time. Protects skin so it prevents bedsores.

The revolution in the rest of the dog:

  • Viscoelastic chopped filling 
  • Special ultraresistant cover 
  • Antibacterial 
  • Antiallergic
  • Liquid repellent 
  • Thermoregulable

The viscoelastic material of the filling is specially chopped to allow circulation of air and thus, create a thermoregulable zone. The closer areas to the animal soften due to the dog's own heat and adapt even better to the body, while the other material maintains the elasticity needed to support his weight.

Apart from the peculiarity of its filling, thanks to the liquid repellent, antibacterial and antiallergic material of the cover, the dogs with incontinence problems will stay dry longer and smells will take much longer to appear.

The cover is removable for easy washing, completely recyclable and is manufactured in Barcelona.

Discover the new orthopedic bed that will change the way your dog relaxes!

Shipped only to Spain.

Mattress for old dogs

New orthopedic bed stuffed with chopped viscoelastic material Memory Foam.

Removable cover made of antibacterial, antiallergic, water repellent and ultra resistant.

The special composition and design of the lateral sides, make it thermoregulable, providing a correct rest of the joints and stimulating muscle vitality.

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