Elbow Pads


New solution for stabilizing and protecting your dog's elbows. Unique in Europe.

This brace improves mobility in dogs with elbow arthritis, reduces hygromas and provides support. Designed and tested by veterinarians. 

You can order either a standard or custom made size. 

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Dog Elbow Pads

What are the elbow pads for?

They can be used for treating hygromas, calluses, decubitus ulcers, elbow dysplasia, arthritis, swelling and limps that are the cause of pain in so many dogs.

Observe how the calluses become softer and more flexible. The protective pads reduce arthritic pain and improve mobility thanks to the heat and support generated by the neoprene.

The extrathick patch protects the articulation from impacts and hard surfaces.


- After surgery and with conservative treatments

- Hygromas and bursitis

- Instability and joint hypermobility

- Elbow osteoarthritis

- Elbow arthritis

- Elbow dysplasia

- Proprioceptive deficits

* Seek advice for amputee dogs.

Standard Sizes

The protective elbow pads are available in several standard sizes, you only need to measure the circumference of the elbow (measurement 2) or you can opt for a "customized" size. Using a sewing tape is recommended for taking the measurements.

SizeCircumference elbow (2)Aproximate race 
XSless than 12 cmCocker Spaniel, Whippet
S12 - 16 cmCollie, Springer Spaniel
M16 - 22 cmLabrador, Dalmatian
L22 - 26 cmRottweiler, German Shipper, Golden Retriever

If in doubt between two sizes, select the smaller one.

How to measure your dog if you opt for a customized brace:

All elbow braces are custom made with the measurements you send us. Use a sewing tape or a vinyl tape measure, never a rigid carpenter tape.

It is very important to get the correct size. Bear in mind that all elbow braces are used to protect joints, not to restrict movement. 

1- With the dog standing, measure from the tip of the elbow on one side to the same spot on the opposite limb, passing over the dog's back.

2- Measure the circumference of both elbows (left and right). They may be different, especially if there is swelling.

3- Measure the circumference of both limbs (left and right) a few centimeters below the tip of the elbow.

4- Measure from tip of the elbow to the floor.

*Make sure to include all measurements (1, 2, 3 and 4) in the comments section when placing the order for a custom size brace.

Important: We have standard sizes in stock, however custom made braces are made with the measurements you send us. Bear in mind that in this case the delivery takes a bit longer than usual (10 days).


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Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (Torrejón De Ardoz, Spain)
Al principio no le gustaba, ya que no está acostumbrada a llevar nada tan prieto. Sin embargo, después de unos días todo genial.
 -   (Tomares, Spain)
Todo perfecto. Recibido muy rápido y el producto le está funcionando muy bien para aliviar la artrosis de mí perro en los codos. Gracias
 -   (Terrassa, Spain)
He comprado el ortesis de codo para mí pastor alemán que por un atropello de un coche tiene problema en la columna por lo que no puede caminar solo.y está acostado la mayor parte del tiempo.a raíz de eso se le han hecho daño en sus coditos.espero que con este producto mejore!!! recibí ayer el pedido así que es pronto para saber si le mejora . gracias
 -   (Colombier, Switzerland)
Envoi de la marchandise très rapide, L'article semble de bonne qualité et bien adapté au problème de coude de mon chien Facile à mettre au chien
 -   (Raaba-Grambach, Austria)
Hallo, habe zuerst für meine Golden Retriever Rüden eine Ellbogenorthese in Gr. L bestellt gehabt, leider war diese viel zu groß. Haben die Gr. L wieder retour geschickt und hoffen nun auf die Rückrefundierung des Geldes. Vielleicht kann man bei der Größenangabe M den Golden Retriever anführen statt bei Gr. L. Haben im gleichen Atemzug gleich die Gr. M bestellt, die passt besser und die Ausführun