Rear Leg Splint for Dogs


Rear limb injuries in dogs usually require an effective immobilization. This new splint has been moulded after a human one and is normally used in cases of leg, tarsal or paw injuries.

Dog splints are useful for treating neurological problems, (to correctly position the limb) as well as in trauma problems (to provide support and immobilize). 

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Dog Splint for Hindlimb

Medida para talla férula posterior canina

Injuries to the limbs in pets usually require bandages or splints that immobilize the extremity. This new splint has been moulded after a human one commonly used in cases of leg, tarsal or paw injuries.

It is made of thermodeformable polypropylene for a better fit and is covered with closed-cell foam.


The following table will help you choose the right size.

The "A" measurement refers to the length from the hock extending down the back of the limb and under the foot, until reaching the tip of the longest toe (standing position).


Medida A


Peso Kg.38-5530-3818-3011-184,5-11-4,5

The "Bmeasurement refers to the total length of the splint. Place a flexible tape measure under the animal's paw and measure from the longest toe extending up the back of the limband over the hock to just below the dog's knee (standing position). 


Medida B


The animal's weight is approximate.

*The XXS size or Feline is used in very small dogs or cats.   

If in doubt between two sizes, pick the bigger one.

If you have any questions regarding the sizes, phone us or e-mail us at


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Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (Barcelona, Spain)
Tendremos que hacer pequeñas modificaciones, pero una buena solucion
 -   (La Pineda, Spain)
La forma de la ferula es perfecta,pero me hubiese gustado que la parte de dentro estuviera más acolchada.
 -   (Fehmarn OT Petersdorf, Germany)
Orthese macht einen hochwertigen Eindruck, leider konnte ich sie nicht mehr einsetzen.
 -   (Loa Nietos, Spain)
La férula no se adapta bien, pero sobre todo me parece muy endeble la suela. La he llevado a un zapatero y me la ha reforzado con suela y laterales antideslizantes porque se resbalaba, sobre todo al intentar lecantarse. Me hubiera gustado poder hacerla a medida porque son condiciones especiales las de las patas de mi perro.

Gracias por tu comentario Teresa. Es cierto que la protección de suela sólo la tiene en la zona de apoyo, bajo las almohadillas. Si el perro apoya la pata de forma lateral el suelo rozará en la zona desprotegida de la férula y el desgaste será mayor.

 -   (Skopje, Macedonia)
Thank you Ortocanis, I'm completely satisfied with the splint, it's exactly as described. My dog not only that can walk with it, he can also run. You've given him a chance for a normal life again.