• buy Hock Splint for dogs - Technical assistance
  • buy Hock Splint for dogs - Technical assistance
  • buy Hock Splint for dogs - Technical assistance
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Hock Splint for dogs

tallas tarso

Provides complete immobilization of the tarsus. Recommended for tendon and ligament injuries and also for post-surgical stabilization. It provides support while avoiding the problems typically related with the use of bandages (dermatitis and lacerations). It also allows for continuous control of the leg as it can be easily put on and taken off.


Size Splint length  Splint width
XS 14,6 cm 2,7 cm
S 16,5 cm 3,3 cm
M 19,1 cm 3,5 cm
L 23,5 cm 4,7 cm
XL 28,6 cm 6 cm

Caution: The introduction of the splint must be gradual. During the first few days you must check that there is no chafing of the dog's skin.

In the event you need to immobilize the dog's toes, you should opt for the Rear leg splint.

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Hock splint for dogs


This hock splint completely immobilizes the tarsal joint (ankle), without impeding the contact between the paws and the floor, making it more confortable for the dog.

Scroll down in the description to see how to select the size and visit our FAQ section for any other questions about its uses, instructions, shipping, payment methods, returns or exchanges.

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