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  • Dog Immobilizer Collar
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Dog Immobilizer Collar

This cervical orthosis immobilizes the neck and prevents small and medium-sized dogs from licking their paws (it will be more difficult to prevent this in large dogs).

Protects the rear, rump, base of the tail, flanks, chest, abdomen and genitals.

It serves to stabilize the neck and also protects urinary, femoral and jugular catheters.>

It should wrap comfortably around the animal's neck and should be wide enough to extend from behind the ear to the top of the shoulder.

Made of fabrics and materials that stiffen but allow a comfortable fit for the dog. Allows you to maintain complete peripheral vision.>

It is machine washable./p>

Available in six sizes for dogs (and cats). You just have to measure the neck circumference and decide what width of collar will best suit the animal. See chart to determine size.

When choosing the size, the collar should extend from the base of the animal's skull to the top of its shoulder for maximum protection.>

The width of the necklace is according to the following chart.>

Collar inmovilizador para perros

Size Neck contour/strong> Necklace width
XXS 27 to 34cm 6cm
XS 31 to 41cm 9cm
Yes 39 to 60cm 12cm
M 35 to 62cm 15cm
l 38 to 64cm 18 cm
XL 47 to 75cm 20cm

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Dog immobilizer collar


The Ortocanis Dog Cervical Collar immobilizes the animal's neck. It is an effective alternative to stressful cones. Prevent the animal from licking its wounds or bandages. Designed and manufactured with anti-chafing fabrics and plastic stiffener. Sizes for dogs and cats.


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