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Tarsal protector

The tarsal protector is used in dogs with weak ankles after surgery, due to arthritis or injuries to the ligaments and tendons.

Back on Track manufactures a unique type of fabric, developed on the basis of knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with the most modern textile technology. The resulting product has been a fabric formed by a fusion of polyester/polypropylene and ceramic particles.

Ceramic particles reflect body heat by returning it in the form of infrared radiation. This increases the temperature and, therefore, promotes circulation, which has a calming, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.


  • Relaxes the muscles before work or physical exercise.
  • Prevents damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.
  • Facilitates and accelerates the healing process of damaged muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

To choose the correct size, measure your dog's tarsus (just above) with a tape measure:

Size Upper perimeter Bottom perimeter
yes -13.5cm -10.5cm
M 13.5 - 16cm 10.5 - 12cm
L 16 - 18.5cm 12 - 16cm


Its progressive introduction is recommended, the first two or three days put the protector only for three or four hours. Once used, the dog can wear it throughout the day.

It can be used both in winter and in summer, since it keeps the dog's own heat, does not artificially increase the temperature and is breathable.

Machine washable at 30°C on the pMild detergent program without regular bleach or fabric softener. Let air dry, do not tumble dry.

Tarsal protector


Indicated for osteoarthritis in the tarsus, ligament injury or tendon joint inflammation. The material of back-on-track helps speed up the healing and rehabilitation process.

This product will be discontinued soon. See the new version of the Hock Splint Brace.

Scroll down in the description to see how to select the size and visit our section Frequent questions for any other doubt.

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