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  • patella luxation orthosis
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Patella luxation brace

Articulating aluminium splint with neoprene harness for a correct fitting.

Especially designed to avoid patella luxation.

The brace must  fit well to avoid movement between the leg and the device, and to avoid shear forces within the knee joint.

Knee joint alignment and splint articulation should be strict to the leg and orthopaedic device so that the brace works comfortably and efficiently.

It is important to maintain the
fastening system to provide a proper fit and correct alignment of the orthosis. Its harness system helps maintaining a uniform clamping orthopaedic splint in the dynamic movements of the dog.

Get in touch with us so we can make the plastic mould of your dog's limb since every orthosis is custom designed.


Size Weight
XS up to 6.5 kg
S 7-17.5 kg
M 18-31 kg
L 31.5-45.5 kg
XL more than 46 kg

Patella luxation brace


Orthesis to avoid patella luxation in dogs.

Indicated for dogs that have experienced recurrent episodes of patellar dislocation.

Custom-designed product available upon request.

Designed and manufactured in North America.


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European leaders


Own designs


Made in Barcelona

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