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Knee Protector Pack

This knee orthosis compensates for the loss of function of the joint and reduces pain for the dog with atrosis or arthritis, cruciate ligament injury, meniscus injury, or problems with the patella or tendonitis.

The protector offers two essential effects:

  1. Improved elasticity
  2. Increased stability in the joint

The knee protector reduces pain and inflammation by improving the balance between the muscle groups involved. The improved flexibility in tense muscles allows the dog to regain a natural movement of the limb. The slight pressure exerted by this superficial orthosis deconcentrates the workloads of the joint, making it improve its performance and prevent the evolution of the damage to a more serious state.

In cases of damage to the cruciate ligaments, the dog can use the knee protector in combination with the diagnosis that has been made so as not to lose so much muscle until the operation. Using the protector after the operation, from our experience, we can say that it considerably reduces the recovery time. The use of the protectorknee should be performed 5 days after the operation and once the inflammation has disappeared. For these first 5 days it is possible to apply cold by means of aneoprene canine knee cooleror anycold bag.

How to use:

The knee guard should be stretched up the dog's leg so that it covers the knee area properly. Place the retaining strap of the protector below the abdomen and above the back and close the velcro fastening. Take into account not to harm the dog during the placement, always observing to exert force on the protector but respecting the natural position of the knee.

To choose the size, it is necessary to measure the upper perimeter, that is, the highest area of the leg. Wrap a tape around the thigh, above the knee, and near the groin.

Size Races Measure
XXXS Chihuaha  

Upper perimeter: 18 cm

XXS Little

Upper perimeter: 22 cm

XS Sheltie, Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier

Upper perimeter: 26 cm

S Kelpie, Greyhound

Upper perimeter: 30 cm

M B Collie, Springer Spaniel

Upper perimeter: 32 cm

L Schäfeer, Rottweiler tik, Boxer

Upper perimeter: 36 cm

XL Rottweiler hane, Bernese Mountain Dog

Upper perimeter: 42 cm



Pack protector de rodilla

New model of the ambidextrous knee protector. Available in 7 sizes, includes 1 model of each.

Knee orthosis that compensates for the loss of joint function and reduces pain in dogs with arthritis or osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injury, meniscus injury, patella problems or tendonitis.


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