Dog Knee Brace


This is the original Ortocanis knee brace that helps dogs with limping and joint pain for an improved quality of life.

Useful for reducing pain in cases of arthritis, cruciate ligament injury, arthrosis, meniscus injury, kneecap problems and tendinitis. Colour grey, black or green depending on availability. 

See the complete description and sizes below. 

New model 2019!

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Dog Knee brace

This knee brace helps dogs with limping and joint pain for an improved quality of life.

The knee brace reduces pain and swelling by improving balance among the muscle groups involved. Improved flexibility in tight muscles enables the dog to quickly regain a normal walking gait in the affected limb. The slight pressure that this surface brace exerts alleviates the burden on the joints, increasing their stability and preventing the injury from turning into a more serious condition.

The brace has both an elastic and stabilising effect. In the event of damaged cruciate ligaments, the dog may use the knee brace before the surgical procedure (along with the prescribed treatment) to prevent loss of muscle mass. Five days after surgery, the dog can use the brace again once the swelling has gone down. 

Instructions for Use

The knee brace has to be correctly pulled up on the dog’s leg until it covers the knee area. Place the fastening strap of the brace under the abdomen and over the back and fasten the Velcro on the outside. Be careful not to injure the dog when placing it, apply force to the brace while still respecting the natural position of the knee.


When choosing the size, measure the upper circumference (A) of the highest part of the leg. Wrap a measuring tape around the thigh above the knee and near the groin. In the table below find the size that corresponds to the measurement.

If in doubt between two sizes, select the smaller one.

Protector de rodilla canina

SizeRace approx.Thigh contour (A)

16 - 18 cm

6.3'' - 7''


18 - 21 cm

7" - 8.25" inches

XXSJack Russell21 - 24 cm8.25" - 9.44" inches
XSSheltie, Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier24 - 27 cm9.44" - 10.60" inches
SKelpie, Greyhound, Beagle27 - 31 cm10.60" - 12.20" inches
MBorder Collie, Springer Spaniel, small Labrador 31 - 35 cm12.20" - 13.77" inches
LGerman shepherd,  small Rottweiler, Boxer, big Labrador 35 - 40 cm13.77" - 15.74" inches
XLRottweiler, Bernese Mountain 40 - 44 cm15.74 - 17.32" inches

Some dogs have a fallen hip and the upper belt may slide back and fall off. To prevent this from happening you can purchase the  LUMBAR FASTENING STRAP

If the size you need is not available in the above table, or if you prefer a better fit, you can order a CUSTOM KNEE BRACE

Do you need more stability? Check out our new HINGED KNEE BRACE

Knee Brace

In the unlikely case of swelling and redness you must contact a veterinarian or physical therapist. 


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Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (Gronau, Germany)
Leider ist die Kniebandage eher wenig geeignet. Sie verrutscht die ganze Zeit. Würde man jedoch eine Nummer kleiner bestellen würde diese nicht mehr über die Pfote passen. Ich bin leider total unzufrieden. Ich habe auch direkt nach Anlieferung den Händler kontaktiert, dass ich meine Bestellung nicht vollständig erhalten habe. Daraufhin gab es nur eine Mail und seitdem nichts mehr. Sehr schade.

Wir bedauern Ihren Ärger sehr, aber denken Sie daran, dass Sie über das Band zur Lordosenstütze verfügen, um das Problem des Gleitens von Knieschützern zu lösen.

 -   (Le Theil, France)
Très bien, mon chien a retrouvé sa locomotion !
 -   (GUALCHOS, Spain)
La empresa de transporte afirma haber ofrecido el producto dos veces. Pero esa no es la verdad. Nunca he estado en mi dirección especificada. Estaba en casa esos días. así que no recibí nada. mañana iré a la empresa de transporte

Procedemos a contactarlos para ver que sucede con la entrega. Sentimos la incidencia de Envialia.

 -   (ST MARCEL SUR AUDE, France)
Très bon produit, qui remplit sa fonction, elle soulage mon chien et lui donne plus confiance en sa patte, mais malheureusement elle reste une solution de transition avant l'opération, mais je recommande
 -   (Premiá de Dalt, Spain)
Creo que es de muy buena calidad. Aun asi se sale alguna vez. He probado otros y este ha sido el mejor.