• Mattress for old dogs
  • Mattress for old dogs
  • Mattress for old dogs
  • Mattress for old dogs
  • Mattress for old dogs
  • Mattress for old dogs
  • Mattress for old dogs
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Orthopedic Dog Bed

Ortocanis, has developed the best orthopedic mattress for dogs with arthritis or other joint problems.

The mattress is made from viscoelastic and allows for a perfect adaptation to the dog's body, applying pressure over a larger area so that the extremities, such as elbows, knees and hips, do not suffer. It is ideal for dogs that spend long periods of time lying down, due to age or disability. The bed also protects the skin as to prevent bedsores.

It is specially indicated for dogs with arthritis, minimizing their difficulty and pain when standing up, as it protects and maintains the temperature in the joints during rest. 

Characteristics of Ortocanis Orthopedic Dog Bed:

  • Reduces pressuer points by distribuiting correctly the weight of the dog
  • Reduces risks of hygromas
  • Improves the rest of dogs with arthritis thanks to the memory foam material
  • Water proof and easy to wash
  • The cover has an antibacterial treatment
  • Anti- slip material to make it easier for the dog to step on the bed and rest

The cover is removable for easy washing, completely recyclable and is manufactured in Barcelona.

Discover the new orthopedic bed that will change the way your dog relaxes!

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Copy of orthopedic dog bed


New orthopedic bed filled with Memory Foam.

Removable cover is antibacterial, antiallergic, water repellent and ultra resistant.

The special composition and design increases blood circulation, optimizing rest and joint performance.

Available only for shipments in Europe.


Buy it now and receive it on Tue 16 April with Nacex


European leaders


Own designs


Made in Barcelona

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