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  • Orthopedic splint dog. Forelimb.
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Orthopedic splint pack for dogs. Previous Member.

Injuries to the limbs of small animals often require bandages or splints. This new splint is modeled after human splints, and is typically used for leg, tarsal, and foot injuries. They are made of polypropylene for a better adaptation to the forelimb of the animal and the inner face is covered with closed cell foam.

Canine splints can be used in cases of neurological deficit, neuropraxias and other problems of the brachial plexus and radial nerve. We can also use them in cases of fractures, fissures and even soft tissue injuries that require a certain degree of immobilization.

Front limb splint sizes:

Medida A Ferula anterior para perro

We need the measure "TO", to choose the size of the splint. It is the length from the height of the carpus, passing the tape behind the limb and under the foot, to the tip of the longest toe.

The XXS or Feline size is used for very small dogs and cats.

The following table will help you to buy the splint size you need.

Size -> XL L M S XS XXS / Feline
Weight 38-55 kg 30-38 kg 18-30 kg 11-18 kg 4.5-11 kg - 4.5 kg
Measure A (cm) 18.4 cm 17.8 cm 15.2 cm 13.3 cm 10.8 cm 7.6 cm


Measure "B"is not required but represents the full length of the splint.Using a flexible tape measure, and passing it under the animal's foot,is the measurement that goes from the tip of the longest toe to the middle of the leg(with the animal in station position).

The splint must not exceed theelbow height.

Size -> XXL XL L M S XS Feline
B 43.2 cm 30.5 cm 27.9 26.7 cm 22.9 cm 19.7 cm 14.0 cm

Distributor fee

Price of the pack excl.VAT: € 380.06


Orthopedic splint pack dog. previous member


Orthopedic Splints Pack. Previous member. Available in 6 sizes, includes 1 model of each.

Canine splints are used to treat distal limb injuries and fractures in dogs. They are useful both in neurological problems, where they position the dog's foot well, and in trauma problems where they provide support and immobilize.


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