Does our dog understand us when we talk to him?


Surely we have ever wondered if our dog understands us when we talk to him. In recent years, studies from journals such as Science1 or Proceding of the Royal Society B2 have shown that these animals are capable of understanding human communication.

In this sense, the brain of our best friend works in a very similar way to ours when it comes to language; since its left hemisphere serves to understand the words we say, while with the right it can differentiate the intonation that we are using.


Keep in mind that dogs are able to memorize specific and important words for them, that is why when we address our dogs we usually use short and precise phrases. Also, previously we must perform a fundamental work with our dog since we must help him memorize the main words, and that requires our attention, patience and affection.

Another key element in communication with our dog is intonation, using a high-pitched tone of voice will help him pay more attention to what we are telling him. Also, we can not always speak with the same tone of voice, and for this it will be important to remember that we have to speak with a soft tone, since we want to show affection and love for our dog. Even if we are angry with him because he has done some mischief we must control our intonation.

We will not achieve anything by shouting at our dog, perhaps only affecting him and driving him away making him afraid of us. In addition, if he is afraid of us, it is very likely that he will begin to disobey us on a regular basis as a way of escape and rebellion.

We never have to forget that our dogs have feelings, and that they are animals that need to feel our affection. Therefore, it is essential that they can perceive all the love we feel when we speak to them.

And remember, do not despair, think that our friends understand us enough to have a relationship of complicity sometimes superior to what we can get many of our species. In addition, over time the understanding will go further. Just in case you don’t wait for machines like the one that futurologist William Higham, author of the book “The Next Big Thing” and that predicts that in ten years there will be devices that allow us to talk to our dogs, give more information than a cross of complicit glances, a hug or a simple flutter of their tail.

Source: Science1, Proceding of the Royal Society B2.

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