How to act in the face of fear of your dog’s firecrackers?


Miedo a los petardos perro

Above all: keep a calm and normal attitude . Act as you would on a normal day. Neither do you quarrel with him, nor do you pamper him too much, but the dog will further accentuate his feeling that it is a “rare” day.

Find a safe place for him. Almost all dogs have a place in the house where they feel safe. On the day of the firecrackers, invite him to go, accompany him and stay with him without saying anything for a while.

If your dog still does not have a safe place, a few days before you should create it. Choose a dark place, away from doors and windows and with little traffic of people. It can be under a piece of furniture, inside a carrier,… To make him “fond” of him, make him play there, give him prizes and caress him in the same place: he will end up relating him to something pleasant and will go to that place every time he feels fear, stress or anxiety.

To further accentuate the feeling of normality and camouflage the noises of the outside you can turn on a television or radio, it is not necessary that the volume is very high.

Be careful about leaving doors or windows open. Not only because the sound insulation would go to waste but because fear could make him escape. To some bad, updated chip and insert with the address or contact telephone.

There are medicines and natural products to help your dog be calmer. Remember that each dog reacts differently, both to stress and to anxiolytic medications, which is why you should always consult with your veterinarian. Surely he will know how to choose which is the best help for your friend.

Laura Pérez – Orthocanis Veterinarian

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