Relaxing music for dogs and cats


Did you know that music is a great ally when you need to relax a dog? It may sound strange but judging by the thousands of searches and millions, if yes, millions of views that have the videos below that we have selected for you, it will be that some truth has.

Musica relajante para perros

What’s more, dogs respond differently depending on the type of music they hear. As in humans, heavy music increases nervousness and classical music reassures and makes even dogs sleep 6% more according to the study conducted by psychologist and canine behavior specialist Lori R. Kogan, from the University of Colorado (USA). The effect of different musical styles such as classical, heavy-metal and others was studied on a total of 117 dogs, who were waiting for an adoption in an animal shelter.
Here we leave you a selection that we have made so that you can relax your dogs for hours;

1 hour of relaxing music for dogs:

2 more hours of relaxing music for animals:

One more hour of relaxing dog songs:

Another hour of relaxing music for puppies:

More relaxing music for dogs and cats:

Ideal music to relax dogs during the massage:

Ayudas para perros con artrosis

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