Wheelchair for fish?


Yes, there are wheelchairs for fish, although in reality they lack wheels. There are made by hand by the fish keeper and there are also more professional ones, made by veterinarians. In short, these are gadgets that allow the fish to swim in the direction of the surface.

SIlla de ruedas artesanal

Handmade wheelchair

Silla de ruedas profesional



Some fish cannot perform such an ascent because of injuries to their swim bladder.

The swim bladder is a gas-filled flotation structure located just below the spine and allows neutral buoyancy of the fish, so that it can go upwards without needing to make a muscular effort.

When there is an alteration in this organ, such as in cases of infection or obstruction, the swimming of the animal is seriously altered, causing it to remain permanently on the bottom, which causes a slow death. If this phenomenon is ever observed it is very important to treat as soon as possible.

La vejiga natatoria se encuentra bajo la columna vertebral, coloreada de amarillo


And while the treatment has its effect, there are these tiny seats, which are basically an aid to the flotation of the animal. It seems that we have gotten competition :)!

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Silla de ruedas para perros y gatos

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