A camouflage wheelchair for Lolo


Perro con herna discal en silla de ruedas

Lolo is a 7-year-old French Bulldog. From one day to the next, without his caregivers perceiving any overexertion, fall or trauma, Lolo stopped moving his legs from behind. They observed that he did not want to leave his basket.

The veterinarian did some tests where they verified that he had a herniated in an intervertebral disc. It put pressure on his spinal cord, damaging the nerves. As he still had tenderness in his hind limbs there were possibilities of regaining mobility after surgery.

The operation was carried out, but although the owners and Lolo put all their efforts into rehabilitation, it was not possible to recover mobility. Possibly the spinal cord was already badly damaged or there was another hernia somewhere else in the spine.

lolo preparado

They didn’t give up. Lolo is a very vital dog, he really wants to move and be self-sufficient. That is why the owners opted for a wheelchair… and no one better than our warrior Lolo to release the new camouflage color model. The following video was filmed a few seconds after putting the chair for the first time…

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silla de ruedas perros y gatos

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