Glory, a one-legged dog, gets his three prosthetics

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Glory was a stray dog that was beaten to the point of injury in such a way that its two front legs and one hind legs had to be amputated. Now he is living a second chance that will allow him to walk again.

This dog lives in Romania and a few months ago was brutally assaulted. A woman who had been caring for him took him to the vet and learned that three of his legs had to be amputated.

Vanessa Bamkin saw the photos of Glory online and decided to save the dog that is only 4 years old. Mrs Bamkin and her husband paid for Glory’s vaccinations and travelled to Romania to take the dog home to the UK.

Perro con 3 protesis

The Bamkins thought about giving Glory a more comfortable life and decided to raise funds through the internet. The surprise came when they managed to raise about 3,500 euros based on donations. This allowed them to acquire the three prostheses that Glory needed, being the first dog with triple prostheses on its legs in Europe.

Since Glory began using the prostheses, they have had to do tests to adjust them well.

“The case is not going to be to put three new legs on Glory and start running. This is a long-term project.” The canine physiotherapist commented. “Once she gets used to her new paws, she will have a second chance to live.”

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