Barcelona will create more play areas for dogs


In Barcelona, since October 2014 it is already possible to access the metro with a dog, as long as they are tied up and with a muzzle, as was already approved in other European cities such as Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam or Geneva.


Current space for dogs of l’Estació del Nord – Barcelona

Now a plan is added to add more play areas for dogs, going from the 56 existing now to 80. But not only will parks be added but some of the existing ones will be renovated.

It will be guaranteed that the minimum area of each one is 150 square meters and it will also be required that each District has at least a large area of at least 700 square meters.

The regulations will also ensure the comfort and safety of these spaces: they must be surrounded by fences of 1.80 meters high to prevent flight, with materials that can not cause damage to the limbs of the dogs or separations where they could be injured head or neck. Whenever possible, there will be more than one gateway and paths to be able to stroll. They must have fountains 15 centimeters high without a container underneath to avoid contagion and mosquitoes.


Click on the map to get the location of all the recreational areas for dogs in Barcelona

You can also check the recreation areas for dogs in Barcelona on their website:

Special outdoor spaces for dogs are vital to their health. In addition to allowing them to do the physical activity they need to keep the body in shape, they are imperative to keeping their emotional state balanced.

Dogs are social animals that obtain information from the outside in a somewhat different way than we do: smell is their most essential sense. This means that it is essential that the dog can smell outside environments and other animals or their traces. It is also important that the dog has some daily time outside and without a leash, in order to give him moments of autonomy. Many behavioral problems are caused by the fact of denying the dog its nature.

From Ortocanis we are glad that more and more consideration is given to dogs and owners. The expansion of recreation areas and the possibility of entering the metro are a breakthrough. Maybe the next thing could be to have a dog area on the big beach in Barcelona? That would be fantastic!

Orthocanis Team

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