The Feldenkrais method in dogs



Feldenkrais® is a method that is based on the learning capacity of the Nervous System using movement and attention directed to the body as a vehicle to access the brain and its ability to create new neural connections and new movement patterns.

In this way, the brain is educated through the messages of the Nervous System. Postural habits are highlighted, new neuro-muscular schemes are investigated for a better availability of movement and the interconnections between the different parts of the body are discovered.

Dr. Feldenkrais

This method was developed over 40 years of study and research by PhD in Physics Moshe Feldenkrais (image). It is a revolutionary approach to understanding the functioning of the human being and to improving physical and mental performance. It uses movement to enhance our natural ability to discover, learn, change, and continue to develop throughout our lives.

In no case does it replace a medical treatment, it is an educational method. Their goal is to overcome pain and limitations and achieve a state of physical, mental and emotional well-being and vitality.

The sessions can be individual in which the teacher mobilizes the student’s body with his hands or group sessions in which the teacher verbally leads the students to perform simple but unusual sequences that involve thinking, feeling and acting imaginatively.

Método Feldenkrais perro

The Feldenkrais method can also be applied to animals, helping in cases of chronic pain and support alterations, such as cases of hip dysplasia or osteoarthritis among many others.

In the Feldenkrais method in dogs, a teacher directs the owner, who is the one who applies the movements to the dog to the animal.

With the application of this method to the dog we will get:

  • Improve your mobility by recovering your natural pattern.
  • Regain its stability by improving its activity.
  • Increase your vitality and joy.

We hope you find it helpful. Team

Curso del metodo Feldenkrais para perros


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