Little turtle walks again thanks to a Lego prosthesis.


The animal had lost a leg in an accident before being found by a retiree willing to help him. Not finding the right prosthesis, veterinarians resorted to a particular solution.

Tortuga con prótesis en la pata

The animal was seriously injured in Neuried, southern Germany, thanks to an ingenious solution with Lego pieces it was able to recover its ability to walk.

“Schildi”, as the turtle was named by those who received it after its accident, had lost one of its legs and with that its mobility and autonomy, this fact could have led to its death in a short time, but its fate changed radically with an original low cost prosthesis.

A retiree from the city of Sttutgart found “Schildi” and transferred her to the Animal Shelter of Neuried, where they were able to cure what was left of the front leg, strongly affected by an infection.

The veterinarian Marcelo Bürkle did not rest in his efforts to find a solution to the lack of a prosthesis on the market for the lost leg, until he saw in his clinic the daughter of one of his employees with Lego construction toys.

The doctor used his creativity and stuck a lego wheel in the place of the turtle’s paw, which allowed him to regain mobility and thus save his life.



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