More than half a century of conviction for torturing a puppy

A man is arrested after 2 months of investigation for burning, beating and splitting the tongue in half of a pit bull, in the worst case of animal torture seen by the association that rescued him.Maltrato animal

They found the dog lying on a sidewalk in Quincy, in the United States, on August 31. He was a tabby, white pit bull puppy that lived barely. The vet couldn’t do anything for him. His body had 17 wounds from blows, cuts and burns and a multitude of broken bones. The matter, which in other countries would go unnoticed, could end in an exemplary sentence of 55 years in prison, five years for each of the 11 charges of abuse faced by the abuser.

Perro maltratado en USAThe alleged torturer of the puppy detained by police is Radoslaw Czerkawsky, a 32-year-old Polish immigrant who was caring for an elderly woman. The defendant, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, has been given a bail of one million dollars and his passport has been withdrawn.

At first no more was known about the dog. The news of his torture went around the United States, appeared in most of the news and gathered more than 70,000 people who called for the arrest of the culprit and who have followed the process closely. The dog was named Kiya and had been donated to a family who sold it to Czerkawsky, according to sources close to him.x-ray dog with fractures

The agents followed the trail of the animal until they found the alleged torturer. They used all kinds of means for an investigation that ended when they found traces of hair and blood in the suspect’s house and these coincided with those of the dog in DNA analysis.

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